Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Would Help If I Introduced Myself


Thought I Should Probably Introduce Myself, Who Wants To Read A Blog By A Bitch They Know Nothing About, So Here It Is.

     My parents named me Allana
   I'm 25 years old
   I'm from Melbourne,Australia     I'm a singer/songwriter & guitarist 
Aspiring Tattooist

So I currently live in Melbourne, I moved here when I was 17. Came for a visit and fell in Love with this beautiful state and never left. I'm originally from Sydney born and raised, and that's where my amazing family still live. A family Consisting of both my parents, my two older sisters, my older brother, brother in law, sister in law and two GORGEOUS little nieces, not to mention the rest of my enormous family,uncles, aunties, grandparents and cousins, you get my point my fam bam is HUGE!

I'm Lebanese and Australian but dad also has Cuban in his bloodline. I'm the youngest of the four and different to say the least.

I love tattoos, I'm pretty covered in them and my piercings. I tend to change my look pretty often you won't see me with the same hair or same style for very long. There's too many amazing things in this world to stick to just one and blend in (Originality is not a curse, remember that kids). I like to explore them all.

Speaking of exploring. I'm a firm believer in be who you want to be, Love who you want to love and live life how you want to live it. Don't let anyone or anything hold you back. We are all Completely different and that it perfectly OK.

I'm someone who always needs to keep her hands and mind busy, weather that be with a pencil, a paint brush, a spray can, a tattoo machine, makeup brushes, scissors (I also cut hair), or my guitar. I have a very artistic mind and although I've been dealt some pretty black and white cards I still see the world in FULL colour and I love expressing that through my arts.

But tattoos, piercings and arts aside, my pride, joy and reason for getting up in the morning is being a mother to my GORGEOUS little girl who just turned 3, Karleigh. My greatest accomplishment in life yet and forever is being her mother. Bet you didn't see that one coming haha.

So there's a little about me, If there's anything you want to ask or know about me feel free to comment.


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